Total Planning

Supports for communication solutions for people with disabilities

Client: BJ Adaptaciones

Total Planning has collaborated with a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of innovative, technological and tailor-made solutions for people with disabilities. Among other products, supports have been developed to adapt communicators or laptops and to be able to carry them in wheelchairs. In this way, people who cannot speak or have speech difficulties can communicate at any time and situation, whether they are adults who are proficient in literacy or children who are new to communication with pictograms.

Some of the client’s communicators can work only with their eyes, allowing people who do not have mobility to continue communicating and control different elements of their home (doors, lights, etc.).

In turn, Total Planning has also developed other products such as a chin support, within the BJOY Chin mouse set, thanks to which people with limited mobility can control their computer precisely with their chin.