Indeelift: autonomous mobility aid equipment

Along 2019, Electrolomas began collaborating with IndeeLift to industrialize its autonomous mobility assistance equipment for people and caregivers, the “People Picker Upper”.

Until then, they had successfully manufactured and marketed in the United States, Canada and Australia and their goal was to successfully internationalize their activity in Europe and Asia. For this reason, they were looking for a partner in Spain, with the capacity to adapt the equipment to the specifications and demands of these markets.

Faced with this challenge, IndeeLift and Electrolomas began to collaborate to make a prototype of the classic IndeeLift Human Floor Lift HFL-300 for the home, with a capacity of up to 150kg, in which the Catalan company contributed its experience in supplying components and industrialization.

Through this project they are helping people with mobility difficulties -whether due to age or handicap- to have autonomy, privacy and independence and be able to get on/off the ground. With IndeeLift, the patient can get up without needing help from a second person.

Since 2020, Electrolomas has been manufacturing the IndeeLift HFL-300 lift and in 2022 they will also start manufacturing the IndeeLift HFL-400-FTS for the European and Asian markets.

Some partners of the BCN Medicare Industrial Hub, in which Electrolomas is a constituent member, collaborate with the company in this project.