BCN Medicare Hub holds a conference on Artificial Intelligence applied to medical devices

BCN Medicare Hub, a group of industrial companies with ISO13485 certification dedicated to the development and manufacturing of medical devices for third parties, held a conference on April 18th focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to medical devices.

The goal of the session was to introduce the possibilities that AI offers to hardware and industrial companies that develop medical equipment.

AI is radically transforming the healthcare industry and the creation of medical devices, as explained by Jordi García Castillón, an expert in AI and cybersecurity. He highlighted the new possibilities and benefits from both a professional and patient perspective.

García Castillón emphasized that AI enables the analysis of large sets of medical data to identify patterns, trends, and relationships that humans might overlook or would take a long time to discern. By gaining a deeper understanding of patient needs and device performance, the design and development of the devices can be improved.

Regarding the design of medical equipment, Àlex Casabò and Pablo Sacristán Neubauer, engineers specialized in AI, demonstrated how AI can propose different designs based on specific requirements. From there, designers must apply their knowledge to determine the best option, considering other parameters such as utility, usability, and ergonomics.

The session also covered how AI allows for personalized treatments, as algorithms can analyze personal genetic data, biometric data, and medical histories, resulting in a personalized diagnosis. This is especially relevant in the design of medical devices such as prosthetics, implants, or drug delivery systems.

In terms of manufacturing, AI can optimize the production processes of medical devices by predicting demand, improving supply chain efficiency, and optimizing production processes, thus reducing costs and accelerating the product’s time to market.

Jordi García Castillón also reminded attendees of the importance of the data collected and its use through cloud services, emphasizing the need for data security. He noted that all companies in the sector must strengthen their cybersecurity measures, as hacker attacks on generated data and devices are expected to become more frequent in the future.

The event concluded with a visit to the facilities of Innovamed Spain, where the conference was held. Attendees had the opportunity to see the processes of plastic injection, assembly, and packaging of medical devices in a cleanroom environment.